Our Fleet...

We have a fleet of wagons that can haul from 1 Ton up to 80 tons (special types) to any UK destination. Our cranes can lift weights of 13 Tons and more. When it comes to moving high value equipment and goods we do it with ease, we offer services for collection, delivery, relocation, on-site moves and installations in a timely, controlled safe way.

All our wagons within our fleet are modern fuel efficient vehicles that utilise Ad-Blue for less CO2 emotions and reducing our carbon footprint. Our drivers are experienced in haulage carrying with them all of the necessary qualifications such as "ALMI” certifications allowing for a perfect delivery every time. Our drivers are all trained in working with heights and our health and safety team can prepare Risk Assessments with Method Statements for any job when required.

Our entire fleet of wagons is fitted with Hiab cranes, this means all our wagon drivers can load your cargo onto the vehicle at the collection point and off load at the final destination themselves without the use of additional costly cranes or forklifts. Using a range of chains, shackles, straps and slings our Hiab vehicles can cope with loads of all shapes and sizes.

More about our vehicles...

Artic Wagon                         Artic Wagon Artic Hiab's

Equipped with Hiab Cranes that can lift 13+ ton.
This Artic wagon can carry loads of up to 60ft


Why Use Us?

  8 Wheeler Wagon 8-Wheeler Hiab

Equipped with Hiab Cranes up to 13 ton.


With a range of HIAB haulage vehicles
at Alexander blast we are able to lift and transport almost
anything within the legal weightand height restrictions,
from steel containers to transformers. If the load is
close to the restrictions, Alexander blast work
alongside the appropriate county police to make sure
the desired route is safe.

  6 Wheeler Wagon 6-Wheeler Hiab

Equipped with Hiab Cranes up to 13 ton.


Mobile Crane

  4 Wheeler Wagon 4-Wheeler Hiab

Equipped with Hiab Cranes up to 1 ton.

Mobile Crane   Connect Connect

Express Deliveries / Escort Vehicle.

Capable of lifts of 30 Ton.   Pickup Pickup

Carries loads of up to 1.2 ton, also
equipped with a tow bar for an
additional trailer

    Pickup Transit

Express Deliveries / Escort Vehicle


.40 feet triaxle flat with twist locks
.40 feet low loader / plant trailer
.38 feet triaxle flat
.40 - 80 feet triaxle extendable
.38 – 58ft extendable low loader / step deck trailer
.Trombone Trailers with rear steer