What Is Metal Fabrication?

Sometimes needs arise where a custom fabricated solution is needed to provide a solution to a problem. An example of this would be a garden gate with a non-standard opening. We can fabricate solutions for most problems and our experienced and trained fabrication team can also work to technical drawings to fabricate your work.

Why Use Us?

We have years of experience with the fabrication of all types of architectural and structural metal work. We specialise in refurbishment of cast iron items (such as bridges) but can work on other structures when needs arise.

Work done on Kensington Palace…

The foundry cast the columns which we transferred to Alexander Blast Cleaning and Painting ltd where they blast cleaned and painted with a 3-coat system and then transported to their new home at Kensington Palace. The paint system and colours were personally chosen by Prince Charles and this paint was manufactured by a traditional paint supplier.

Example 001 - Kensington Palace Example 002 - Kensington Palace Example 003 - Kensington Palace

Work Done on Manchester Salford Central Historic Bridge…

We completed extensive repairs and renovation on this bridge in Manchester, majority of these repairs were out on site, specialised repairs were transported back to our fabrication workshop, repaired then transported back to the site, then blasted and painted using a 3 coat paint system with perfect finish.

Example 004 - Manchester Salford Bridge Example 005 - Manchester Salford Bridge

Work Done on Svitzer Quay (Hebburn)…

Extensive repairs were carried out by our fabrication team to the Svitzer quay in Hebburn to make the structure sound after a fire damage had previously weakened the Quay.

Example 006 - Svitzer Hebburn Quay Example 007 - Svitzer Hebburn Quay