Ship Care…

As well as comprehensive Quay and Jetty repairs, we often carry out work scope for marine vessels involved in the marine and towage industry.

Our marine engineering covers a broad spectrum from fabricating be-spoke generator cases to repairs of docking towers, we even provide divers to view the underside of marine equipment and price up the repairs as required.

• Damage repair can also be achieved to bring the units back to original specification as they may have been modified by the shipyard to allow slight changes in dry dock design.
• These can also be transported at short notice to allow use throughout Europe in case of Emergency Docking of such vessels.


The below images show a ships docking tower, this was transported by our hiabs back to our fabrication workshop where repairs were carried out on the structure, a 3 coat marine paint system was then applied before returning the tower to the ship it came from.

Example 001 - Ship Care

Example 002 - Ship Care

Example 003 - Ship Care

Marine Engineering Support…

From our base close to the River Tyne in Hebburn Tyne and Wear we are readily available to support our customer’s needs.

We are capable of dealing with most requests and have good working relationships with various skilled trades’ personnel to support us with these many varied job specifications. In the past, we have supported:

• Major berthing area repairs to allow the vessels to berth in a safe manner.
• Safety upgrades to vessel access and gangway arrangements to comply with company HSE requirements.
• Removal and fitting of tug vessel fendering that would have deemed the vessel un-safe to use had they not been replaced in quick time.
• Heavy lifting of ships machinery from quayside into machinery spaces.
• Installation of machinery under supervision from ships staff or working alongside specialist machinery maker’s representatives.
• Load line mechanical repairs on deck systems as indicated by the Classification Surveyor to keep vessels within working class.
• Assisting with major machinery failure repairs through to vessel back in operation. Support here from removal and fitting of parts to the
transportation of parts for specialist machining.
• Floating pontoon safety repairs conducted after significant damage to allow normal operation of the vessels whilst repairs were being conducted.
• The above is just a snapshot in time with regard to the services that we can offer and we take pride in being able to say that at the end of the day the customer was happy with a well-done job, on time and within agreed budgets.

Alexander Marine Engineering Support Services